Yard Drain & French Drain Installation In Ohio

Yard Drains & French Drains

French drains and yard drains are quintessential solutions for redirecting water away from your property. Your Waterproofer offers installation services for yard drains and French drains to protect your Ohio home or business from flooding and water damage.

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What To Expect From Our Yard Drain & French Drain Installation Service

Here’s what you can expect from our yard drain and French drain installation service:

  • We begin by investigating your entire property to better understand where water falls and pools in the yard.
  • Next, we install a trench at a minimum of 12” wide at a slope of 1% to prevent the premature clogging of the system.
  • Once we’ve dug an effective trench, we can install a high flow non-woven geotextile to accommodate the drain.
  • We now install a thin layer of washed river rock (gravel) to lay your perforated pipe in the trench.
  • We fold any excess non-woven fabric over the top of the gravel to enclose the drain system.

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What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is a type of outdoor drainage system designed to divert water under the ground. It’s typically installed in residential yards and commercial landscaping to keep unwanted water away from building foundations.

Your Waterproofer’s ‘High-Flow French Drain’ drains water just below the surface and redirects it elsewhere to protect your home. This allows for faster draining and dries out affected areas.

Keep in mind that all our drains come with a one-year warranty from the date of completion.

What Is A Yard Drain?

A yard drain is a type of outdoor drainage system designed to redirect water above the ground. Yard drains can be installed in various parts of the yard, such as near driveways, patios, walkways, and foundations where standing water accumulates regularly.

You can rely on Your Waterproofer to install long-lasting yard drains that protect your property from flooding. We know that cheaper pipes, less stone, and poor workmanship lead to unhappy customers and less effective results over time.

Again, all our drains come with a one-year warranty starting from their installation date.

Drainage Solutions Built to Last

Stormwater drainage solutions should be built to last. This is especially true of yard and French drains. With the team at Your Waterproofer by your side, you can trust your drain to last for years to come.

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