Foundation Waterproofing Near Ohio

Foundation Waterproofing

A lack of waterproofing around your foundation can allow excess water to seep into your basement. This can cause a host of problems for you and your loved ones, not to mention health problems, structural damage, and a lower resale value.

Your Waterproofer is proud to provide interior and exterior foundation waterproofing and sealing for our friends and neighbors near Cleveland and Columbus. Family owned and operated since 2014, we’ve been working hard to keep Ohio homes safe ever since.

What To Expect From Our Foundation Waterproofing Service

Foundation waterproofing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Your Waterproofer, we do everything in our power to make it simple and accessible.

Here’s what happens when you call our team to request an initial estimate:

  • First, we book a time to visit your property and provide a complimentary quote.
  • From there, we look at the entire foundation and the layout of your structure, as well as the severity of the problem.
  • After discussing any issues both reported or discovered, we can recommend one of three waterproofing processes:

Exterior Waterproofing

Your Waterproofer marks all utility lines and obtains all permits prior to the start of work. If all is well, we begin excavation.

First, we haul away the old foundation dirt to give your basement a fresh start. Then, we:

  • Scrape and clean the walls
  • Seal visible cracks
  • Install footer drain tile
  • Apply waterproofing membrane
  • Add R5 insulation and drainage board

Once complete, we backfill the excavated area with #57 washed gravel within a foot of grade. You may notice we leave dirt pitched away from the house to allow the soil to settle. We recommend you avoid landscaping until after settling has occurred.

Interior Waterproofing

In areas where excavation is not feasible or when cost may be of concern, we recommend interior waterproofing for cost-savings and peace of mind.

An interior drainage system moves water away from the base of the foundation to reduce water pressure on the home. If installed properly, it can be a very effective method of waterproofing.

Once we visit your property, provide our quote, and go over initial concerns, we ask you to remove any obstacles a minimum of five feet away from the work area. We then:

  • We put up some form of plastic barrier to help with dust control.
  • Our technicians break out the perimeter of the basement floor and haul out the material in buckets to our dump trucks.
  • After excavation is complete, we install #57 washed gravel backfill, a perforated drain tile, and a sump pump system of your choice.
  • We apply a plastic diverter sheet to the wall to provide a more finished look (and help divert water in the event it leaks through the walls above the drain system)
  • Once the diverter is installed, we re-pour the basement floor with concrete.

Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is much more than just a ‘nice to have’ service. Done correctly by a professional team, it can spare your home or business from disaster.

Here’s what the power of basement waterproofing can do for your property:

1. Prevent Structural Issues

Water can compromise the structural integrity of your foundation, which puts your whole property in jeopardy. It can also break down the sublevel of your building and reduce property values along the way. A great waterproofing plan can help you avoid this with airtight, ironclad, long-lasting solutions.

2. Keep Your Family Healthy

Excess moisture in the home may have an adverse effect on your family’s health. Not only does it promote mold growth (which leads to respiratory problems and other issues), but it may also attract pests to your property that invite additional health risks. Keep your loved ones safe by kicking water out with waterproofing services from Your Waterproofer.

3. Gain More Useable Space

Sealing and waterproofing your foundation can prevent leaks and long-term damage from affecting your structure. But that’s not all: a dry basement also means you have additional space for almost anything else you want in your home. Wouldn’t a new den, game room, or man cave be nice?

Trust Your Foundation To The Professionals

Your foundation is, quite literally, the support structure of your home. If water begins to damage the foundation, you’re putting your home at risk.

Let the professionals at Your Waterproofer show how waterproofing and sealing can protect people, pets, and property. Our state-of-the-art service can prevent structural issues, keep your family healthy, and open up more space in your home. All you need to do is call (216) 232-2948 and request a free quote for your property.